'Things of this world are in so constant a flux, that nothing remains
long in the same state.' John Locke


Flux is a project that aims to explore the idea of movements across and through boundaries, including those of space and time. Our exhibition invites British and international artists to exhibit work based on their experiences of this theme, in a variety of medias. We also provide space for the community to engage with these ideas through art and discussion and meet like-minded people through a series of events and open-evenings. Our website enables a wide variety of people to engage with these ideas and is sustained throughout the year.

Exhibition Event

  • opening night : 31.07.2015, 6-9pm/ Opening during Hackney Wicked Festival,/ Wed- Sun 12-6pm
  • special guests on the opening night : live performance : UCLU Bhangra dancers / Music : Wojtek Gasiorowski
  • WORKSHOP: Tai Chi Classes for beginners 

  • WORKSHOP :Clay sculpting for kids

    Milena Milak Polish artist experienced with kids 

  • uclu bjanga dancing

  • •bongo drums music workshop

  • Artist talks

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